CNC Control


Feature Summary

Management axes with keys, mouse and gamepad.

The program can be operated with the mouse by clicking on the buttons on the screen or key combinations assigned to the main functions, you can also use a USB Gamepad to move the machine axes.

Corrects the different heights of the base.

Indicating the height of the base at each of its corners can be correct these deficiencies by allowing machining the workpiece as if it were the base level.

Allows to have positions relative to a piece.

At any time you can set the machine coordinates to refer to a piece, you can also set the position indicating where the material is to be machined.

Enables operation of a touch plate.

If you have a touch plate can be used this to assign the zero position of the Z axis precisely.

Allows you view trajectories in 3D.

Allows you view the paths that pass through the machine as well as the base material and the limits and can perform rotation, translation and zoom on the workpiece.

Multiple machines

Allows working with both laser and milling CNC machines , adapting its interface and functionality for each type of machine.

Editor Gcode files and subsequent machining.

Using the editor you can view and modify the orders of a Gcode file, ready to be manufactured by the machine.

Controls the physical limits of the machine.

Using a wizard can set the limits of the machine and tell the program not to exceed.

3D represents the position of the machine.

Whether it the machine is machined as if moved manually will be shown in 3D where or where the machine is moving, can also be differentiated and machined parts which are not.

Allows you reference a piece automatically.

Indicate where the material is placed with respect to the machine base may reference the workpiece automatically.

Wizards to help in the configuration.

It has several wizards who help us in the configuration as well as in certain tasks of handling machine.

Multiple languages

Displays information in different languages.

Works on Windows and Linux

Runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and linux.

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